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Removing Lead From Our Drinking Water


  • Lead in our drinking water is a major health concern

  • Low lead products can help but can be an expensive exercise

  • Water filter systems remove and reduce lead in your drinking water

“Flush Your Taps for 30 Seconds Before Drinking” is advice that has often been shared with growing concerns of lead in our drinking water.

Our Designer Taps Suit Any Modern or Classic Home

Our Designer Taps Suit Any Modern or Classic Home

Lead is in the water that comes out from our taps. It’s not because the water being supplied is tainted but did you know that there is lead in our products? Traces of lead among other chemicals were commonly used in household goods in the past and you may have heard some warnings circulating about some vintage food storage containers recently. While we’re not experts in food storage, we are experts when it comes to filtered water.

Why Is There Lead In Our Tap Water?

When water is delivered from our water treatment plants, the water is good condition, however, when reaching our homes or offices, there are factors in between that can contribute to the problem. For example, old taps and other plumbing accessories may have contained lead during the manufacturing process. Our national construction code allows for certain amounts of lead to be found in fittings with older fittings generally containing more lead as awareness in more recent times have driven for products being manufactured with lower lead levels.

Lead & Our Health

Without going into technical figures, in simple, high levels of lead exposure can potentially cause a range of health issues effecting anything from kidney function, blood pressure to even brain function in more extreme circumstances.

How To Remove and Reduce Lead From Tap Water?

To reduce the lead from your drinking water, there are some actions that you can take to remove and minimize lead contamination in your drinking water.

Water Filtration

Water filter systems are the easiest way to reduce and even remove traces of lead in your drinking water. Depending on the type of water filter system you have installed in your home will determine how much contaminant filtration is achieved. We recommend talking to our helpful team about our reverse osmosis water filter systems or any home water filter systems so that you get a better understanding of what’s best for you based on your goals and budget.

Your Plumbing

While not required right now, you can identify and replace components and accessories in your plumbing to help reduce lead exposure.

Tip: If you’re collecting rainwater in your roof, old paints may also contain lead.

Your Drinkware & Kitchen Utensils

Have a look at your drinkware and even your cooking utensils that you use at home. If your water is clean and filtered but you store your water in jugs or use utensils with lead then you could still be exposing yourself to lead.

Filtered Water Solutions

At Filtered Water Solutions, we offer a range of solutions for your home or office for clean and healthy water.

Reverse Osmosis & Under Sink Water Filter Systems

Our range of Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Systems and under sink water filter systems are Watermark Certified meaning they meet all relevant Australian standards. Each filter system we have may suit different house hold goals and needs so we welcome any questions you may have about which is the best water filter system for you.

Full House Water Filter Systems

Our whole house water filter systems are designed with a high flow rate but efficient at filtering out a range of sediments and contaminants. We offer a selection of full house water filters specially designed to meet different flow rates so talk to us to see whether a whole house water filter system suits your needs.

Shower Head Filters

Contaminants can flow through your tap water exposing your head, hair, skin and eyes when showering. These contaminants could destroy your hair our leave your skin irritated so our easy to install shower filter is great for people who suffer from dandruff, dry, sensitive skin or allergies.

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