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Why Reverse Osmosis? Too Many Options? RO Water Filter Systems Explained

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five stage reverse osmosis water filter systemQuality drinking water has always been an important topic in Australia. As we mentioned in a previous blog, bottled water was seen somewhat as a joke when introduced in the 1980’s. Since then, the world has become a very different place. Bottled water comes in many shapes and forms from small to large sizes, countertop dispensers to different flavours.

With the world evolving and pushing towards reusing and recycling along with cost savings, people are also looking for alternatives to buying bottled water. Whether it’s a counter top spring water dispenser or a filtered water system, these options give the home or office a continuous supply of drinking water. We are also concerned about how much our water is processed and the chemicals that can be found in our everyday tap water. There are other contamination issues and impurities that are of concern. In the past year, there was a publication about lead in drinking water by the Department of Health as well as multiple news stories covering the issue.

Filtered Water Systems

The cheapest and most accessible option at home or in the office is to drink water straight from the tap. In most locations around the country, tap water is safe to drink but may have traces of lead and other chemicals and minerals. This could be from being treated to the pipes and plumbing products along the way. Many turn to water filters but are not necessarily sure of what the different options are.  Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a term commonly used but not necessarily understood by the consumer.

In our product range, we offer water filter systems and RO water filter systems but what’s the advantage of RO and why are there different options?

What is Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse Osmosis is the process of purifying water that removes the presence of particles and chemicals from drinking water. There are different stages of the process which is why there are different RO products available depending on the needs and requirements of the customer.

RO System

Uses, Applications & Description 

3 Stage Reverse Osmosis 

This is the base of our reverse osmosis systems and is often used in laboratories and aquariums. When it comes to laboratory work, there is a need for very clean water especially when testing products or for cleaning so that lab results are not tainted with contaminated water. For those enthusiasts or even for those that care about their fish, using RO water will see less contaminants compared to tap water which also helps to reduce algae.

Learn more about our  3 Stage Reverse Osmosis systems. 

4 Stage Reverse Osmosis

The 4 Stage Reverse Osmosis water filter is similar to the 3 stage system but includes the re-mineraliser (Alkalizer). This is what balances out the PH levels and makes the water taste good to humans compared to the 3 stage RO filter. You can think of it as the first 3 stages removes everything then the 4th stage adds back in the minerals that we do want in our drinking water. With all the benefits of the RO process and a good tasting product, the 4 Stage RO filter system is perfect for any home or office use.

Learn more about our  4 Stage Reverse Osmosis systems. 

5 Stage Reverse Osmosis

To go one step further from the 4 stage RO filter, the 5 Stage has a second carbon block which further reduces chemicals and smells making this a great water filter system for the home and office. 

Learn more about our  5 Stage Reverse Osmosis systems. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I drink water from 3 Stage RO?

Yes you can. However, given the PH levels in a 3 stage system, the water may taste slightly acidic.

What about 6, 7, 8+ stage RO water filter systems?

The reality is no matter how a product is labelled, the equivalent of our 5 stage water filter system is all that is really required for great tasting water. Adding unnecessary filtering stages or additional filters is unnecessary.

Why Choose Reverse Osmosis?

While all of our water filter systems are top quality and Watermark and NSF certified, drinking water that has been through the Reverse Osmosis process generally tastes better. 


Less Contaminants & Improved Taste with Reverse Osmosis

Normal water filters generally improve on taste while removing some contaminants where RO will remove rather than improve the bad taste and smell while removing contaminants, minerals and chemicals.

With lead and fluoride removal being a commonly asked question, RO is definitely the way to go.

Quality Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Systems

At Filtered Water Solutions, we have supplied and installed water filter systems for over 17 years and are Watermark and NSF certified meeting strict Australian standards. We not only have pride in our products, we also have a great team of knowledgeable staff from the office to our installers on the road. If you’re not sure or have any questions, ask us!




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