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Why Everyone Needs Reverse Osmosis Water Filters in Sydney

Why Everyone Needs Reverse Osmosis Water Filters in Sydney


Australian Standards Approved

The only water filter system guaranteed to remove all Fluoride from your tap water, the Reverse Osmosis is guaranteed in removing 99.9% of all contaminants from your drinking water supply.


FREE Installation

The only filtration system that is recommended by doctors and health professionals.


Guaranteed Fluoride removal

Filtered Water Solutions Reverse Osmosis systems come in stages 3, 4 & 5 for undersink installation.


Are you disenchanted with the poor taste of the tap water in your home or office? As you serve your family or guests a glass of water, do you worry about ingesting potential toxins and wonder about the possible impact of impure ingredients? If so, you are not alone. Some believe that both bottled and tap water may contain many biological contaminants. Many believe that the cumulative exposure to the pollutants in water may have adverse health impacts such as a weakened immune system and damage to the cells.

At Filtered Water Solutions, we offer folks the benefits of an osmosis filter system. Let us install a reverse osmosis water filter in Sydney and provide you with the uppermost grade and quality in a water filtration system. Our systems remove about 99% of all contaminants to include microorganisms, germs and unwanted chemicals such as fluoride. Also, our 4 & 5 stage reverse osmosis filter in Sydney comes with an alkaline filter, known for alkalising the drinking water for added health benefits. 

How Reverse Osmosis Filters in Sydney can Improve your Health

Tap water is supplied by the town council and finds its way to you through pipes. However, filtered water is pure and clean and essential for good health and excellent taste. Knowing you’re drinking water that has been filtered to remove the impurities will give you the confidence to know you’re doing the healthiest thing for yourself and your family. After all, filtered drinking water is safe and inexpensive.

We are proud to offer a host of services to residential and business customers in the greater Sydney Metropolitan, Woolongong & Central Coast areas. Our services include free installation so you won’t have to worry or wait for clean drinking water. We have knowledgeable staff who can help you choose the right water filtration system for your home or office.

With over 17 years of experience, we handle every aspect of the water filter system including installation and maintenance. The maintenance process is recommended to take place once every 12 months, and involves replacing the water filter cartridges and is encouraged to ensure optimal filter system performance.

Tired of the High Cost of Bottled Water? Break-up with the Bottles and Enjoy a Reverse Osmosis Filter in Sydney

It may seem strange to go in reverse, especially when it comes to optimal health. However, when we’re talking about drinking water, the term ‘reverse osmosis’ equals the taste of pure water without the expense and environmental impacts of bottled water. If you seek to drink clean and refreshing water, why not give our Reverse Osmosis filtration system a try? Our reverse osmosis filtration systems are economical and eco-friendly. Learn more about our reverse osmosis water filter systems

We also offer a host of water filter products to include countertop faucet and under sink styles, so there is a filtration system to fit every lifestyle and budget. With free installation, competitive pricing increased health benefits including fantastic customer service; you can't go wrong with a water filter from Filtered Water Solutions.

Contact us today on 1300 651 837 and see for yourself how easy it is to drink clean, stay healthy and help Mother Earth.


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