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Counter Allergic Reactions with Help from Whole House Water Filtration Systems in Melbourne and Beyond

Counter Allergic Reactions with Help from Whole House Water Filtration Systems in Melbourne and Beyond

$260 - Melbourne

Confusion defines your day. Despite your careful efforts - with all ingredients monitored and all irritants removed - you suffer from allergic reactions, with your body reduced to a wheezing series of breaths and frustrations. You don’t understand. You vigorously defend yourself against any possible contamination. Why then are you always experiencing rashes and reactions? What could be the cause?

Filtered Water Solutions believes that a lack of proper purification may be to blame - with tap water chlorination exacerbating your symptoms and triggering discomfort. The need for a whole house water filtration system in Melbourne, therefore, is impossible to deny.

As the premier provider of whole house water filters in Melbourne and beyond, we recognise the potential risks of chemical contamination - with national treatment standards leaving men and women exposed to unwanted (and unwelcome) traces of chlorine, bacteria, and dichlorophenols. These elements may accelerate allergic reactions and leave individuals more susceptible to attacks. Our team strives to counter this through advanced purification systems. Contact us today to learn more.

The Concern of Allergic Reaction: Understanding the Value of a Whole House Water Filter in Melbourne

With city treatment comes city contagions. According to a recent study from Australasian Science, chemical processing pesticides significantly impacts the health of men, women, and children - with common filtration pesticides (such as chlorine) heightening both the chance to develop a food or environmental allergy and the frequency of already established allergies.

After an exhaustive survey, Australasian Science reports that 1 in 100 adults has some form of allergy - and two-thirds of these individuals feature high levels of dichlorophenols (a pesticide used to purify tap water). The correlation is troubling and showcases a need for whole house water filtration in Melbourne.

Seeking Whole House Water Filters in Melbourne: Our Products

To counter the effects of chemical treatment, we provide our clients with premier whole house filter systems in Melbourne, Brisbane, and beyond. These systems effectively combat contamination, delivering comprehensive filtration and support:

  • Micron Sediment Filtration - eliminating chlorine and volatile organic compounds.
  • Pure Polypropylene Dual-Gradient Filtration - eradicating fine sediment and bacteria.
  • Carbon Filtration - removing odour and pesticides.
  • Pre-Filtration - delivering UV sterilisation.

Through these intensive (and extensive) processes, each whole house water filter in Melbourne reduces chemical levels by up to five times more than traditional carbon blockers - making them viable preventative measures for allergy sufferers.

Seeking Complementary Services with Whole House Water Filters in Melbourne

We believe that every client deserves premium protection. We also, however, believe that we should complement this protection with sterling services - and this is why we fuse every whole house water filtration system in Melbourne with free installations, free annual cartridge installations, and a five-year guarantee. This level of service provides individuals with the support they need.

To learn more about our whole house systems contact us by email (sales@filteredwatersolutions.com.au) or by phone (1-300-651-837). Filtered Water Solutions will quickly respond to all enquiries.


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